1. Reduce your expectations. The beauty of having low expectations is that it doesn’t take much to exceed them. So expect little, and whatever happens, you’re not going to be disappointed.

    Yes, you’ll probably burn your tongue on the first oven snack, so you won’t taste anything for the next 3 days. Your uncle will start drinking as enthusiastically as the children opening the packages, one after the other. And if you’re the host of the party yourself, it will feel like a herd of elephants is entering your house, and you’ll have to manage everything without sitting down or having a proper conversation. You know all that. So please enjoy the fun ride. 
  1. Don’t change over the holiday season.’ If you were never the type to stuff a turkey, and you actually don’t feel like spending hours to make some kind of recipe of mashed potatoes for 10, just don’t. Do whatever you feel like, and do what feels relaxed and festive to you. If you feel like wearing 10-inch heels, fine, but if you don’t, put on sneakers or even slippers if you want.

  2. Family dinners and the deadly conversation starters. Just like other years, this is the perfect time to get questions on your plate, such as, are you going for a second child? Still haven’t got that promotion? No +1 joining you this year?

    Dodge the bullet. You know danm well what your triggers are, so instead of being blindsided by them, plan what you’re going to say when they’re activated, and then rehearse that response until it rolls off the tongue naturally.
  1. Don’t spend what you can’t afford. Nothing is worth that. And take those unwanted gifts to the local charity shop in the first week of January. The fact that someone else will be happy with it may wipe out any guilt. They are expecting you. 

  2. Instead of catching up with friends/family over yet another meal, go out and actually do something, take a winter walk, make a bonfire or just anything and spend quality time together

  3. Just go with the flow. Say no to something you really don’t want to do and use that time to do something else. And keep your sanity but just go with the flow. Even if you’re mom still wants you to wear a Christmas sweater, and you can’t have a proper conversation because there’s too many people packed in one room, just enjoy it. You’ll have a whole year to recover. 

  4. And last but not least…take some time to switch off technology. It’s the easiest way to get some breathing space and to stop comparing yourself to other people